Computer Aid Design

CAD Design Services

PE design and development experts can assist you in converting your ideas into functional components. PE uses Solidworks to fast track the design process and has extensive knowledge and working experience in all phases of design, including industrial design, machine design, tool design, solid modeling, machining, and production tooling and fabrication.

The design process can begin with an existing part, sketches, 2D drawings, or detailed industrial design renderings. PE's designers and detailers will provide 3D CAD models and detailed fabrication drawings representing your ideas. In addition to providing design services, PE can review your current production process and provide suggestions to streamline your manufacturing process.

Mechanical Design

Mechanical design focuses on the creation of a product model of an existing or conceptual design using state of the art 3D/2D CAD software coupled with various engineering and manufacturing processes. PE's goal is to provide a strong design that meets form, fit and function and meets or surpasses the original design intent.

Structural Design

Structural design involves the integrity of the design existing or conceptual. This approach involves an analytical and computational approach to static, dynamic and complex structural configurations. Utilizing qualified structural engineers along with sophisticated analysis software; we evaluate the behavior and design of modern composites, steel, aluminum, titanium.

Tool Design

Tool design involves evaluating the fabrication/assembly process, which produces the finished product. The tool would be in the form of a fixture, jig, mold or other device used to assist or augment the manufacturing process. The tool design aspect is a critical path reducing machining and assembly time, thus streamlining your product to the market place.

Drafting Services

PE can also provide turnkey design and drafting services. Our experienced design team has a thorough knowledge and understanding of ANSI, ASME, and MIL standards being applied in various industries.

Our services include: